Support for disadvantaged pupils 

At the King Edward VI Foundation, we welcome children from all backgrounds into our schools.  

As part of our efforts to further improve the accessibility of our schools, children who are eligible for the Pupil Premium can receive early access to our online support platform to help them to become familiar with the kinds of questions that will be in the entrance test. We partner with Atom Home to deliver this support.

Parents are encouraged to register their child when they are in Year 4 or Year 5. You will need proof of Pupil Premium eligibility to register, which can be obtained from your primary school by asking them to fill in and stamp this form:

Register your interest

Guidance on completing the application form to register your interest can be found in the support links at the bottom of this page.

Atom Learning

Once you have registered for early support, you will receive login details for the Atom platform, where your child can practise answering questions. Atom is a fun, free platform which adapts to your child’s level. As a parent, you will be able to see how your child is progressing and keep up to date with new homework your child has been assigned.  

For help, please contact

Support links

  • Register for support 
  • I am already registered and have my login details 
  • Steps to completing the form

    1. Parents and carers whose children are eligible for pupil premium need to fill in the above form to request a free Atom Home account.
    2. On completion, your child’s primary school will receive an email from Atom asking the school to verify your child’s eligibility for pupil premium. 
    3. Once verified, Atom Learning will set the Atom Home account up for your child and share login information with you via email.