Become a Governor

What do Governors do?

Governors are crucial to the running of a school. The different perspectives they can bring are invaluable to the head teacher, staff and children.

  • Promote continuous improvement

  • Decision making on school direction

  • Work with the head teacher to set policies, targets and development plans

  • Decide how to use the school budget for the benefit of
    the children’s education

Governors work as a team, deciding on things jointly and sharing responsibilities for the decisions they make.

What is involved?

Most governing bodies meet once a term (three times a year), usually in the late afternoon or evenings.

You will also join a committee responsible for a particular area of work. These committees will meet a further three times per year.

Being a governor is usually a four- year position. But don’t feel you have to stop there! If you are eligible, you could seek re- appointment or re-election for further terms of office.

What are the benefits?

Opportunities to attend professional training sessions to help you in your role.

You will have the satisfaction of getting involved in school life and visiting the classrooms to see the governing body’s decisions and policies put into practice.

Your support and decisions will make a difference to the lives of school children across the city of Birmingham, as we continue our mission of making Birmingham the best place to be educated in the UK.

My involvement over the last 20 years with the schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham has been one of the most satisfying voluntary activities in which I have been involved.

On the governing body there are opportunities to contribute to the school’s curriculum, physical and financial progress. As a group, we are a source of advice to the Head and staff, our different perspectives to those of teachers ensuring that new proposals are always thoroughly considered. School concerts and plays are a delightful bonus, enjoying seeing the talent of the pupils on display.

Hywel Thomas, Chair of the Foundation Board

Knowing that education plays a pivotal role in a person’s life trajectory, being a governor provides a tangible way to positively impact the school experience.

I am keen to ensure students are aware of the breadth of career options available to them beyond the well-trodden paths of medicine, dentistry and law. Utilising the knowledge acquired through my career, I aim to explore opportunities to leverage data and technology to progress the educational offerings in our school.

Celia Fraser, Governor

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