We are delighted that you have taken an interest in a career at the King Edward VI Foundation and our Academy Trust. Our ambition is to make Birmingham the best place in the United Kingdom in which to be educated. It is a bold mission, but we view it as inspirational – inspiring our determination to enable our city’s young people to harness and maximise their potential, wherever they live, irrespective of their circumstances and whatever their aptitudes: academic, occupational, sporting or cultural.

We believe that schools are far stronger when they work together, sharing their expertise and their resources for a common purpose. We also believe that the diverse mix of schools within our Foundation (independent, grammar and comprehensive) brings a range of expertise and perspectives which allow for even broader collaboration. We have many job opportunities across the organisation, whether this be school based in one of our Academies or Independent schools, or in our Foundation Office, in Edgbaston.

Knowing that education plays a pivotal role in a person’s life trajectory, being a governor provides a tangible way to positively impact the school experience.

I am keen to ensure students are aware of the breadth of career options available to them beyond the well-trodden paths of medicine, dentistry and law. Utilising the knowledge acquired through my career, I aim to explore opportunities to leverage data and technology to progress the educational offerings in our school.

Celia Fraser, Governor

My involvement over the last 20 years with the King Edward VI Foundation has been one of the most satisfying voluntary activities in which I have been involved.

Hywel Thomas, Governor

I have been involved in school governance for over 12 years. Becoming a school governor is a hugely rewarding experience. As a Governing Body team our various skills, views and backgrounds complement and widen the thought process.

Lynda Roan, Governor