Instilling Inclusivity

We celebrate diversity and value fairness and equal treatment for everyone across the Foundation and this includes children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

The Foundation challenges discrimination and ensures there is a safe community for all students to feel valued and thrive, including students with SEND who may face struggles academically and personally. 

The Foundation really embodies an inclusive atmosphere by encouraging opens discussions about the differences between people, instilling understanding and preventing prejudice.

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Customised Support

The Foundation supports all pupils, especially those identified as having a special educational need or disability. Read below a few of the many ways we support vulnerable pupils:

  • Undertake regular staff training on how to identify pupils with potential mental health issues, including training on how to support pupils with SEND who may be more vulnerable to mental health problems;
  • Identify individual needs as early as possible; gain the voice and lived experience of vulnerable students and design plans to address those needs;
  • Opportunities, where relevant, for SEND pupils to have smaller or individual taught sessions to suit their learning need;
  • For students whose additional need causes them to display challenging behaviour, a personalised plan will be created;
  • Teaching about safeguarding, including online safety, will be adapted for vulnerable children, victims of abuse and some pupils with an additional need;
  • Encouraging students to openly discuss the differences between people that could motivate any form of bullying, alongside teaching that using any prejudice-based language is unacceptable.


  • It may be a challenge for a child with an additional need to fit in as easily as others so it’s important they’re given support in order to feel seen, heard and recognised.

    Within the school your child attends, please contact the Special Education Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo), who will be able to provide further guidance and support. 

  • Disability may impact every day activities, leading to challenges that other people don’t have to face… but it doesn’t have to be something which affects you forever. 

    To read in more detail what disability is, click here.

  • There are signs to look out for if you think your child may be bullied, please visit the bullying FAQ’s page for support and guidance.  

    Alternatively, please directly contact the school your child attends.

  • As Childline points out, having learning difficulties can cause people to be treated differently. People with learning difficulties have the same rights as everyone else and there are laws to make sure that their rights are protected.

    If you feel your child is being treated differently, please contact the SENDCo at the school your child attends.