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At the King Edward VI Foundation, ensuring your child is safe, has a positive outlook on the future and feels supported both at home and at school, is at the forefront of what we do.

Whilst the context of King Edward VI schools varies across the Foundation, our values stay the same. Our mission of ‘making Birmingham the best place to be educated in the UK’ doesn’t stem just from academic outcomes, but also supporting everyone in our community through any challenges they may face. This is why across the Foundation, students are encouraged to look out for one another, recognise if they need support, and feel safe opening up to teachers and staff alike, knowing that we will be there for them throughout their school journey and beyond.

Staff across the Foundation play an integral role in providing every child the opportunity to flourish and develop their creativity, sociability, resilience, and confidence. To ease any worries, all staff undertake regular safeguarding training updates, led both by the school’s safeguarding team and by external updates, so please do not hesitate to confide in us whether you would like support or simply just to voice your concerns.

There are many elements that fall under the topic of safeguarding and wellbeing, however we have tried to highlight the fundamental and more recognisable ones. This includes Abuse; Addiction; Bullying; Disability; Mental Health; Physical Health; Supporting Families and Young Carers.

“Having positive mental health and wellbeing is important for young people as this can impact their access to learning. As part of our pandemic recovery, our schools are working hard to assess the needs of our students including completing the Birmingham Wellbeing Census and putting interventions in place to support those most in need.” Miss Jane Glendenning, Foundation Leader in Education – Safeguarding and Wellbeing


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Child Abuse 

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Disability Support 

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Mental Health 

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Physical Health 

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Supporting Families & Young Carers

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Urgent support

It’s important to seek out urgent support if you or someone you know is at risk of harming themselves or others. Reaching out for help shows strength, recognition and determination to get through the difficulty you are facing. 

Don’t suffer alone, let us help.

If you would like to talk to someone or simply browse the resources available…

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Useful resources

  • Anna Freud is a world-leading mental health charity for children and families, that we believe works wonders on supporting those that need it most. Their partnership with Department for Education and pioneering health care for over 70 years says everything about how they can help you and/or your child. 

    Check out their resource hub here  

  • Mind, a mental health charity dedicated to ensuring those that are suffering get the support they need, offers a wide range of support services, right at your fingertips. 

    See the different type of support services available here

  • Verywellmind, a platform based on research, studies and a powerhouse team of experts covers everyday issues that you may experience, be it little or big. Their goal to help you thrive on a daily basis is underpinned by the latest research, licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists.  

    Understand more about what Living Well really means here

  • NHS, the UK’s biggest health website, offers different pathways to combatting mental health issues including tips and activities to improve wellbeing.

    Read more about ‘Self-help’ here

  • Kooth, a free, safe and anonymous place for young people to find online support.

    Explore the page here

  • The Waiting Room, offering 100’s of services across Birmingham and Solihull to best meet your needs.

    Access wellbeing services at your fingertips here

  • Pause, a space to talk about life and real feelings.

    Drop in for a face-to-face session. Find out more here