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“Exceptional” provision at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys highlighted by Ofsted

Pupils’ thirst for learning and character development are two of the many areas of school life praised by Ofsted in its report on King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, published following an inspection in November.  

Inspectors who visited the school in Kings Heath last term found the school to be “outstanding” (the highest possible grading) in all areas: quality of education; behaviour and attitudes; personal development; leadership and management; and sixth form provision. This means the school has received an overall effectiveness rating of “outstanding”.  

Mr Russell Bowen, Headmaster of King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, shared the report with the school community yesterday. He said: “The Ofsted team confirmed that the school and its community are indeed exceptional in many of the things we do. As with all Ofsted reports, it is only a brief outline of the many strengths that the inspectors noted, and I want to pay tribute to the staff, students, parents, governors and Academy Trust colleagues who have worked so hard to help us all be the best we can be.  

“The outcome is a fitting affirmation of the incredible work that the school does, and is an external verification of all that we do to ensure that we continue to consistently meet the highest standards. My heartfelt congratulations to all members of this wonderful family. We are definitely not resting on our laurels and we will continue to do everything we can to be the best we can be.” 

Findings referenced in the Ofsted report include:  

  • “A desire to learn pervades daily life for pupils at Camp Hill Boys.” 
  • “Pupils and staff contribute to a culture of the highest expectations; everyone wants to be the best they can be.” 
  • “[Pupils’] motivation extends to the way they study independently, often exploring personal areas of academic interest through the ‘super-curricular’ offer.” 
  • “The school’s ethos is inclusive and respectful. Pupils know they are valued for who they are and who they want to become.” 
  • “Pupils value the many enrichment opportunities on offer, and lead some of them themselves.” 
  • “Pupils achieve exceptional standards, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and disadvantaged pupils.” 
  • “The curriculum in each subject area is designed in a way that enables teachers to share their passion for their subject.” 
  • “Pupils have a thirst for learning and appreciate the subject expertise of teachers.” 
  • “The level of dialogue in sixth form lessons often reflects that of university-level learning.”  
  • “The school is relentless in ensuring [disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND] are enabled to fulfil their academic and social potential.” 
  • “The school’s work on pupils’ character development is exceptional. The school wants everyone to become a well-rounded, successful individual.” 
  • “The support for pupils’ next steps, in particular the work to help them obtain places on the most competitive courses at university, is exemplary.” 
  • “The trust provides support and challenge to leaders in their shared commitment to providing the best quality education to the pupils and community they serve.” 

In December, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys was placed second in The Sunday Times’ secondary school rankings for the West Midlands, and 13th nationally.  

It is worth noting that the Ofsted framework for this inspection is significantly different to the one the school was last inspected under in 2009. It is extremely difficult to directly compare categories between the previous and current frameworks. 

The full report is available on the school website