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International Women’s Day

8th March 2024 marks International Women’s Day, raising awareness about discrimination, recognising women’s success and ultimately inspiring inclusion.

We chatted with some of the women in leadership roles across the Foundation, asking them to talk about their most recent achievements. 

Julie Waddington, Director of Education

“I am really proud of my team for their recent achievements; we have successfully delivered the first Foundation wide virtual conference for 14 schools, that included over 90 sessions and a Leadership Networking Event for 92 leaders from across the organisation. Both are a testament to how much we can achieve when we work together.”


Katy Ricks, Chief Master at King Edward’s School

"Approaching 22 years as an International Baccalaureate Head in two schools. Being the first woman Head in two ancient organisations and enjoying nearly every day."


Jane Glendenning, Safeguarding FLE

“When I was asked to write something about a recent achievement, and to be described as powerful all in the same sentence, I wondered if there had been a mistake. But then that is what women do; we tend to err on the side of self-deprecation, rather than herald our achievements. During a eulogy I listened to last week, the celebrant talked about the ordinary being extraordinary and it made me reflect on all the small things we do that are part of our everyday life that actually make a real difference to people around us. My 'achievements' may be getting my gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, being the first person in my family to get a degree, or travelling around the world on my own, but actually what I should be celebrating on this International Women's Day are the actions I take every day to help a vulnerable student or to support a colleague; to me it may be ordinary, but to them the difference may just be extraordinary.”


Jo Bullock, Director of External Relations at King Edward's and King Edward VI High School for Girls

"It's been a year of change for me as I've taken on a broader role across the Foundation alongside my existing role at KES and KEHS and I've really enjoyed getting to know more colleagues, working with my team to investigate how we can best support colleagues in schools and those who work centrally. Outside of work, I've carved out some time to follow my sons' example of playing for our local cricket club - I'm still learning, and am more naturally at home managing the club's social media accounts, but joining a fabulous team of women from all stages of life has been a highlight of the last year and I'm proud of myself for giving it a go."


Sarah Cunningham, Director of Human Resources

“I was privileged to contribute to the recent publication of The New Art of Headship, led by RSAcademics.  The report has now been read by many leaders in independent schools across the UK and internationally.  More recently, Ather Abbas and I are participating in a national research project looking at the use of AI in Multi Academy Trusts.  As well as being rewarding experiences, involvement in such projects brings you into contact with a diverse range of inspirational people.   As a mother of two children with busy lives, sometimes my greatest achievement is getting them to the right place on time every day and getting non-uniform days correct!”


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