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King Edward VI Foundation praised for success in widening accessibility

The BBC recently reported on the fact that some selective schools are still failing to allow entry to disadvantaged students from their local areas, despite making adjustments to their admissions policies. 

The King Edward VI Foundation however, have been praised for the radical changes that have been achieved since adopting a new admissions policy in 2020, where a quota of 25% of places for students from the lowest income families was introduced.

The BBC visited King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls and spoke to Alishba and Zam Zam about how they have benefitted from the admission policy changes. Alishba commented how she thinks it's important grammar schools are not just "a privilege of the middle and upper classes" because pupils from a wider range of backgrounds have a lot to offer. She is hoping to be a Lawyer.

Zam Zam added that going to grammar school has given her more self belief than her siblings, who have attended non-selective schools.

You can read more about our admissions policy here: Admissions Policy - The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham 

This page includes maps of the catchment areas for our schools, as well as information on criteria and our rationale for introducing these pioneering changes. 

To read the entire BBC article, please visit their website: Grammar schools: Some still failing to let in poorer pupils - BBC News