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Sadly Missed: Anne Percival

The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham were saddened to hear of the passing of former King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls Headmistress Anne Percival, who passed away on 6th May 2020. Miss Percival started her career by teaching at King Edward VI High School for Girls and continued to do so for more than two decades, assuming the role of Deputy Head under Miss Jean Wilks. Together, they made a number of changes, especially within the Sixth Form, including the abolition of Sixth Form uniform and the creation of the Sixth Form Committee. In the KEHS magazine Phoenix 1977, Miss Wilks wrote that Miss Percival and Miss Jacques represented "a long line of distinguished Second Mistresses whose enormous capacity for hard work, whose skill in organisation, whose tact and diplomacy, have enabled the headmistresses to do their job properly." Leaving KEHS in 1979 Miss Percival became Headmistress at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls where she believed that a head's role was not only to lead, but to support and encourage her staff and pupils to develop their own new ideas. Miss Percival successfully led Camp Hill School for Girls into the technological age by introducing more computer-based work and increasing co-operation with King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, based on the same site. In her safe tenure, the school celebrated its 100th anniversary. Miss Percival remained at Camp Hill School for Girls until her retirement in 1992. She was then the longest-serving member of staff in the entire Foundation. Miss Percival will be sadly missed across all of the King Edward VI Foundation.