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Steel Signing Ceremony at King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy

King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls' Academy continue with their new build project. As part of the new building being erected, a Steel Signing Ceremony was held to give individuals a chance to literally be a part of the building!

The ceremony, held on 10th November 2023, brought together key stakeholders including members of school staff, Foundation senior leaders, representatives from the Department for Education and the construction company, BAM, to sign one of the steel beams as a memory of all those involved in the building process so far. 

Signing the steel beam will form a part of the new school for the duration of its lifespan, shining a light on how far the project has come, and those people who contributed to the new build. 

A special thanks to those continuing to work hard to create a fantastic new space for our students to learn in.