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Turves Green Girls’ School to join the King Edward VI Academy Trust in September 2021

Following recent consultation and discussions, both the King Edward VI Foundation and Academy Trust Boards, as well as the school’s Board of Governors have voted in favour of Turves Green Girls’ School joining the King Edward VI Academy Trust in September 2021. Turves Green Girls’ is an excellent school providing fantastic pastoral support, strong results, and consistent staffing with specialist, dedicated teachers; it has a fantastic reputation in the local area. In joining the King Edward VI Academy Trust, the school will build on its strengths, continuing to meet the needs of the local community and support all children regardless of ability. Working with other schools in our family, we hope that we can further develop the educational offer for children in the Northfield area. There is still much work to be undertaken between now and September 2021, including gaining approval from the Department for Education, which we hope to achieve in September of this year. Once all legal aspects of the project are complete it is our intention that the school will become ‘King Edward VI Northfield School for Girls’. We look forward to working closely with staff at Turves Green Girls’ School and welcoming them into The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham.