King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys

“Handsworth Grammar School aims to make a real and significant difference to the lives of each and every student that we educate.”

Handsworth Grammar School (HGS) is a selective school that admits boys from the age of eleven. The Sixth Form also admits girls who wish to join the school.

The School educates students from all over Birmingham and beyond, with a significant proportion living within three miles of us, thereby helping to maintain a strong community aspect.

This is the oldest surviving selective school in Birmingham, but at the same time we are forward looking. In fact it could be said that we reach for the future from the basis of solid foundations. The foundations manifest themselves in the emphasis given to the importance of work, self-discipline, behaviour and achievement. From that foundation, we are able to help our students face and meet the needs of this rapidly changing world, by seeking to embrace new technologies and recognising the importance of links between education and the world of work.

We understand that while academic qualifications are important, education must be broader than that alone. Through the ethos and activities of the School, we strive to have a positive impact upon the students’ spiritual, moral, social, cultural and academic development and values.