King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy

“You’ll discover a great learning environment in which students aged from 11 to 18 are encouraged to reach their full potential. We invite you to be part of it”

Sheldon Heath Community Arts College closed at midnight on 31 August 2010, and King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy opened on 1st September 2010. The next historic landmark in our archive was September 2013 when the school moved into its state-of-the-art new building.

“Kesh” as it is known in the community is a school for pupils aged 11-18 where students fulfil and exceed their potential.

As a member of the King Edward VI family of schools the children can also benefit from the academic, vocational and extra-curricular activity which will provide an excellent education which goes well beyond their academic study. The development of a Sixth Form at Sheldon has not only enhanced the educational provision in the area but has also helped these young adults to find pathways into universities.